This is an example of a Flash banner I have created.


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What Internet Services Do you need?

I can offer some internet services at a very low rate.

Why?   Because I have fun creating.

Just email gilwilson@yahoo.com or visit the feedback page.


Create simple websites for you (or single web pages)

Here are some examples of pages (other than this one) I have created.

Robinson High School Class of 1984


I can create any size banner you wish here are some examples of ones I have created:

Flash Animation

I have lots of fun getting creative with Macromedia Flash.

Here are some examples:

Ace Frehley (warning there is a guitar riff with this one.)

Click the above link to view  this Flash animation of Ace Frehley of KISS.  This was just for fun.

The below 2 flash animations appear on this site:

This requires the shockwave plug in

You must have the shockwave plug-in to view this item






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