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Welcome to the Soapbox
by Jason Doyle
Table of Contents
  1. Jason's Bio
  2. A Lecture For My Peers
  3. Settle DownÖThis is Just an Election
  4. Somethingís Missing
  5. Just a Reading Suggestion
  6. The American Distraction
  7. To A Soldier
  8. It's About Freedom, Not Oil!
  9. 1st Annual Soapbox Awards
  10. Don't Threaten Us!
This requires the shockwave plug in

Jason's Bio

Who the hell is  Jason Doyle:

Jason Doyle is currently a reporter for a news/talk radio station in Oklahoma City. He has been involved in radio for over a decade.
The Soapbox started as a simple newsletter to help foster some thought and communication among friends

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A Lecture For My Peers


So, who doesnít know that Vice President Dick Cheneyís daughter, Mary, is gay.  This is where the media has taken this presidential election.

Mary Cheneyís sexual orientation has nothing to do with this election.  Last I checked, sheís not running for re-election.

I can see why people blame the media for problems, or they simply donít trust the media. 

Right now, the major media outlets are focusing on the spat between the candidates over the mention of Mary Cheney during the last presidential debate.  Can anyone tell me what stances the candidates took on things like taxation, the War on Terror, a national energy policy or encouraging entrepreneurship?

Once again, the media is focused on what it takes to get ratings.  I feel we should help educate the voter, instead.

So as a public service to my dear readers, here are the candidatesí stands on gay marriage.  Since this seems to be the root of all the recent media hoopla.

Both President George W. Bush and Senator John F. Kerry DO NOT support same sex marriage.

Hereís where they differ.

President Bushís only apparent stance I can find is that heís against same sex marriage.  He believes marriage can only be between a man and a woman.  He holds marriage in high regard.  Naturally, President Bush wants marriage protected, so he supports an amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

While Senator Kerry doesnít support same sex marriage, he has floated a trial balloon.  He could be supportive of civil unions for same sex couples.  It would allow gay couples to share the same benefits as straight couples.  Itís not marriage, but it does open the door for equality.

Next time someone asks who you are voting for, I really hope you can also tell him or her why.

Educate yourself and vote.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle



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Settle DownÖThis is Just an Election


For all of you folks out there getting all emotional about this yearís Presidential CampaignÖcut it out and settle down.  This is just a presidential election.

Anybody whoís actually paid attention to reality lately will know that thereís a faction of American people, who fall into the category of the Anybody But Bush group.

This group is starting to get a little out of control.  Some of the sayings these people like to decorate their vehicles with are classic.  This has to be my favorite right nowÖ

ďRegime change starts at home.Ē

If you Anybody But Bush types really mean that, Iím asking a favor from you.  Act like real Americans and set the example.  If you want regime change, then vote.

Reports are surfacing of attacks on Bush campaign sites.  Late tonight(10/5/2004), the Drudge Report has links to two TV news sites.  One reports an AFL-CIO sponsored protest gone wrong in Orlando, Florida.  The other story takes place in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Someone thought it would be fun to shoot up the place early this morning.

You people need to settle down.  This is America.  We donít settle our differences through violence and intimidation.  We settle it at the ballot box.

Like it or not, Afghanistan and Iraq are watching this Novemberís elections.  America must set the example.

These little incursions by those who want anyone else in office as long as his name isnít Bush are NOT helping us in those two countries.  Let alone, the world at large.

If you really care about the future of this country, then you as a citizen have a duty.  Show the rest of the world, we are the example.  Cut out the crap, campaign for your candidate and vote this November 2nd.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle

Register to vote before itís too late.  Otherwise, if you donít like how the government is handling things, itís youíre fault.

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Somethingís Missing


I hope by now youíve heard about the terrorist hostage situation in Russia.  As of this writing, at least 335 people have been killed.  Including children.

Once again, terror lifts its ugly face.

This face looks familiar to me.

I think something is missing in the reporting about those who perpetrated this act of terror in Beslan, Russia.  These terrorists are labeled as militants, rebels and the like.  Very few reports Iíve read have indicated there might be a link to Islamic extremists.

Islamic extremists are the very same group we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lack of background information on these terrorists attacking teachers and students is disturbing.  The one thing I donít want is to see the same type of terrorist acts here.  Over the last couple of weeks, around 450 Russians have died because of a terrorist act.  This is a subtler from of terrorism.

A simple question I would like answered.  Are the acts of terrorism put upon Russians, a test run for a bigger target?

I hope someone in the American government can answer that question.  Because I would hate to think the price we would have to pay for not even asking it.

Bless the souls of those in Russia whoíve suffered the same fate as our loved ones here in America.  May our battle against this evil be successful.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle.
Email me at

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Just A Reading Suggestion


So, did you hear? Oprah stopped doing her book club thing.

OK. Iím kidding. I donít watch Oprah. She hates beef. I donít trust anyone who doesnít like a piece of red meat every once in awhile. No offense to all you vegans.

I do want to suggest a book or two. I really think people have stopped reading these books.

The first is George Orwellís 1984.
I read it before the year 1984. Trust me, it wasnít easy. I was in 5th grade.
Yes, Iím a nerd. But so are you because you waste time on the Internet.
You guys should read Animal Farm, too. Thatís by old George, too.
I think some of the concepts in those books, apply to our current times. Even though the books were written in the 1940ís.
Where are our intellectuals? We donít have people stimulating the public to think on their own.
We have analysts. It seems the analysts lately try to tell us what to think about current events. They do not reveal anything new. That maybe in their nature.
Read 1984 and Animal Farm.
After your done, take an honest look at the media (both foreign and domestic), political leaders (same deal as above) and religious figures.
Then ask yourself, are your beliefs based on what they say or what you discover for yourself?
Just a suggestion.
Donít listen to rhetoric. Discover the facts for yourself.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle.
Email me at

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The American Distraction


All right. Iíve got to take a break from reading, writing and talking about the War with Iraq. I saw part of the Al-Jazeera/Iraqi TV footage of the POWís.

May God rest the souls of those men and women who died in the name of Freedom for All.

You know, finding a distraction can help get your mind off of the war. One of my favorite distractions is about to start. Yes, Baseball is about to begin.

Iím finding this Baseball season interesting already. Iím a Cleveland Indians fan. My second favorite professional Baseball team is the Kansas City Royals. I hate the Yankees.

Donít get me wrong, I respect the Yankees. They have a long, successful history. Iím not a jealous fan who canít stand how big the Yankeesí payroll is. (You small market playa hatas need to quit it. There have been plenty of small market teams who won the Pennant.) No, I hate the Yankees for a whole other slew of reasons.

So you can imagine I almost had a heart attack when my sister said my nephew was going to be a Yankee.

Iíve got a fair complexion. I turned fish belly white.

After I returned from the total shock, my sister said Yankee was the name of my nephewís T-Ball team.

Iím doing something I never thought I would ever do in my life. I wear a shirt with the word Yankee printed on it.

See, Baseball is a great distraction. I didnít think about the war for a minute.

Before I wrap this up, a few Baseball observations of mine.

1. I think the Royals would make the playoffs this year, if they were threatened to have to wear the old powder blue uniforms when they slip below .500.

2. Is it me or does Jim Thome look uncomfortable in a non-Cleveland uniform? Heíll still hit 40 homers this year. I miss you guy! Youíll always be an Indian to me.

3. I think the Cubs should loosen up and let Dusty Bakerís kid be the batboy.

4. The Angels will NOT repeat this year.

Letís Play Ball!

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle
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To A Soldier.


Iím usually not one to quote scripture. I believe a personís faith is a personal matter. Funny thing is, Iíve been dealing with fear. That takes a little faith. Those fears have been allayed.

I want to share with you why. I feel this story has to be told.

With the situation in the world as it is, people, as a whole, are apprehensive about what is about to happen.(This was written before we went to war with Iraq.)

Some would say these are the end times.

I believe in free will; this argument holds no water with me.

While I was reading USA Today at breakfast, I became engrossed in the Cover Story. In short, the article featured some of our soldiersí stories. They got the opportunity to express what the wait is like for them. You know, waiting for the Liberation of Iraq to begin.

One of the stories caught my attention. It was Captain Christian Teutschís story. According to the USA Today(3/18/2003) article, Teutsch is the commander of Charlie Company, 3d Battalion of the Rakkasan 3d Brigade. The Captain relayed his concerns that he was showing fear to the troops in his command. He hopes the soldiers see him as confident and focused.

Then Christian Teutsch, who is only 28 and married, revealed how he placates his fear.

Captain Teutsch turns to the words in the 91st Psalm.

According the my version of the Book of Psalms, it reads:

O You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High
and abide in the protection of the Shaddai--
I say of the Lord, my refuge and stronghold,
my God in whom I trust,
that He will save you from the fowlerís trap,
from the destructive plague.
He will cover you with His pinions;
you will find refuge under His wings;
His fidelity is an encircling shield.
You need not fear the terror by night,
or the arrow that flies by day,
the plague that stalks in the darkness,
or the scourge that ravages at noon.
A thousand may fall at you left side,
ten thousand at your right,
but it shall not reach you.
You will see it with your eyes,
you will witness the punishment of the wicked.
Because you took the Lord -- my refuge,
the Most High -- as your haven,
no harm will befall you,
no disease touch your tent.
For He will order His angels
to guard you wherever you go.

Thank you, Captain Christian Teutsch. Iím sure those soldiers under you command know you are confident and focused.

Come back home soon.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle
Email me at

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It's About Freedom, Not Oil!

I know itís been awhile since we had a new one-sided conversation. Before we begin, I need to get something out. So please, kind reader, give me this indulgence.

It feels so good to be back! The Soapbox rides again! Oh Yeah! Rock On!

I wonít bore you with the details of my disappearance. I know you guys got enough to worry about. Letís just say my story is pretty much what you read in the business section of the newspaper lately. Big Company buys small company. The ďspokespersonĒ says there will be staff reductions. So I was reduced.

Now, Iím back at home in Oklahoma City. I canít wait to tell you the great things that are happening here. Problem is, the majority of my fellow Okies donít see it that way. If I get the time, I just might change that.

All right, enough with the catching up. Letís get the old Soapbox out.

First off, I loved U.S. Attorney General John Aschroft reading the indictment of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Still felt uneasy. About Ashcroft. I know we are fighting for basically the same thingÖthe Freedom of America and the exercise of those Freedoms. But, heís laid low for awhile and really hasn't done too much to bug me.

Right now, we live in a scary time. Someone told me today he thought the world was flying apart at the hinges.

Well, Yes.

But this has happened before.

The problem is itís been so long since before, there are few of us who remember what it was likeÖ.before.

You must know, my heart wants nothing more than peace. I donít want war.

More than that, I want two other things which would make me feel a little less scared and more at peace.

I want Justice and I want Freedom for all who share this beautiful planet with me.

I love this country (by the way, on the off chance someone outside the U.S. is reading this and is still too obtuse to realize Iím in the U.S.A., let me spell it out for you. Iím a bloody American!). I know what it is to have freedom.

As a country, we may not always get it right. But our leaders are temporary. They are not dictators.

Just an example.

Itís not even an election year and already eight Democratic candidates for President have declared. Iraqís last presidential election was uncontested. President Saddam Hussein ran unopposed and won with 100% of the vote. With all those Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq, donít you think they would have tried to field a candidate if they were free?

American Democrats can express their opposing views without worrying too much about getting killed. Otherwise, no Democrat would be declaring to run against President Bush.

Now you see. I do know what its like to have Freedom.

Thatís the Soapbox, Iím Jason Doyle.
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1st Annual Soapbox Awards

Here it is, the long awaited list of winners for the First Ever Soapbox Awards. I created the Soapbox Awards because I feel the current awards like the Golden Globes, Grammy's, Oscars, etc., just don't go far enough.

The Soapbox Awards consists of ten categories and the William Jefferson Clinton Lifetime Liar Achievement Award.

Here are the winner and losers!

1. Best Movie 2001 -- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- I like this movie because it was visually fun and not intellectually insulting. It also got the bible beaters' panties in a wad.

2. Best Television 2001 -- Tie -- Fox's 24 and PBS's American Family -- Not only is the plot of 24 one of the best dramas since the first season of NYPD Blue, but the format of the show is innovative. Most people probably haven't seen American Family. This show gives a great perspective of modern family life. It features a Hispanic family living in LA. Check out for local listings.

3. Worst Movie 2001 -- Beautiful Mind -- This lying piece of drivel tries to celebrate a Jew hating egomaniac as a victimized hero for mental illness. I put John Nash right up there with John Rocker. Richie Cunningham should be ashamed of this film.

4. Worst Television 2001 -- Bob Patterson -- Thank goodness the idiots over at Disney realized how stupid it was to give Jason Alexander his own show.

5. Best Internet Site 2001 -- -- So it's a self-aggrandizing award. Hey, Gil, you owe me one.

6. Best Corporation or Business 2001 -- SBC Communications -- Not only is this company succeeding in the ailing telecom sector, it is also promoting diversity the right way and giving back to the communities where it has a presence.

7. Best Politician 2001 -- George W. Bush -- That had to be an obvious one. This is not a partisan thing. I make fun of Dubya, too.

8. Worst Politician 2001 -- The US Senate -- When the country needed them to be mature and pass an economic stimulus bill and a budget, they acted like snoots. The major players in the Senate also miss-spoke several times concerning the economy. Not everyone knows the ins and outs about how it works, but the people that make the laws governing how the markets and business run should know what they are talking about. I personally want to thank the consumers for saving the economy without the assistance of the out of touch politicians in the Senate.

9. Best Celebrity 2001 -- U2's Bono -- Finally a celebrity with a political agenda that makes sense. He is using his stature to bring together Ireland and Britain. As well as, bringing a message of hope and peace after September 11th.

10. Worst Celebrity 2001 -- Britney Spears -- Which Britney are we going to get? She's a regular Ms. Jeckell and Hyde. One day she's saying she is an angelic virgin, then we find out she's shacked up with Justin Timberlake. One day she's telling us how much she adores her fans, and then when her mic is still hot she cusses them and calls them idiots. When this wannabe diva came out, I fell for the eye candy. I'll be the first to admit it. She is not an artist; she is a walking advertisement for a string of products. What happened to when people who cared about the fan and not the bottom line made music?

And finallyÖWilliam Jefferson Clinton Lifetime Liar Achievement Award goes to Gary Condit. This man is just a better-organized OJ Simpson. I can't believe he had the balls to run for re-election. Just tell us where you hid the body you fink!

I can't wait until next year!

That's the First Annual Soapbox AwardsÖI'm Jason Doyle
Email me at

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Don't Threaten Us!

All right, so I've been busy. I don't get paid to do this column. Bills had to get paid otherwise the terrorists win!

What I'm going to address now is a new front in the war on terrorism, namely the skirmish over in the Middle East. It seems one of the members of President George. W. Bush's "Axis of Terror"(Iran) wants to use oil against us. This is just because we are friends with Israel, the only Democracy in the region. Once I heard that, I had to pick myself up. Here we go, some third rate nation trying to hit us where it hurts, our pocketbooks.

I don't know about you guys, but I work for a living. I have a budget for gas. If prices go up, I don't go out. If prices go down, some lucky girl could get a night out on the town. See how that works? I just shift money from one place to another. I'm getting pretty flippin' tired of that crap.

President Bush also has launched a misguided campaign saying that if you do drugs, you could be supporting the terrorists. Something more obvious, but never mentioned, is that if you use petroleum products, you are funding terrorist activities. Yes, folks, every time you take a Sunday drive, you are killing Jews on Passover. Every time you mow the lawn, you are helping train a young mind how to make a "suicide belt."

I think what I'm about to say will make several tree-huggin' idiots happyÖ

It's time we stopped using oil.

And here's how we do it.

It's time for us to show the rest of the world what America is all about. It's time for us to invent practical vehicles that do not use fossil fuels. That would cripple the terrorist organizations being funded by Middle Eastern concerns. No more Royalty riding around in expensive cars. No more luxurious desert mansions for the Arab oil barons. The people of the Middle East would finally get the chance to see that their leaders are frauds. They would see them as nothing but two bit extortionists.

The United States is the world's marketplace. If we don't need oil anymore, how long will it be until the people of the Middle East demand freedom from the oppressive leaders? How long until some form of Democracy will be demand in the Middle East?

The Middle Eastern leaders live off the backs of their citizens. When was the last time Yasser Arafat missed a meal?(Let's face it, that fat bastard is more worried about when dinner is than the cause that 18-year old suicide bomber took up.) When was the last time Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had to walk miles to get water? When was the last time Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah had to skip a meal to feed his kids?

This will not be an easy road for us. We will need to use our creative skills. We will need to start getting serious about changing our habits. If we are being asked to go through security checkpoints here at home, then its time to inflict serious pain on those causing ours. Let's find something better than using oil and really stick it to those that are the cause of our problems. Let's number the days for spineless Arab leaders who allow people like Osama bin Laden to convince Muslims that America is keeping them poor. It's those leaders that are hoarding the wealth in the Middle East, not America.

That's the Soapbox, I'm Jason Doyle.
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Jason Doyle is sole owner and author of the Soapbox.  All opinions expressed are his so e-mail him.  After all he's the one that ticked you off
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