Friday, May 27, 2005

Future "My 3 Songs"

Okay I've given this a lot of thought.

It seems that I've been easy on you with the My 3 Songs game we play on WAKO. Next week that will change. I'm going to give you a week to think about this one and next week I will put up the answer...actually it will give me a week to pick out the songs more precisely.

Here Are the choices or rather the choices from which I will choose the songs....It'll make sense later.

  • Any song from the Beatles' "Abbey Road"
  • "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" the Hollies
  • Any song from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
  • Any Song from Al Stewart's "Time Passages" or "Modern Times" albums
  • Any Song From Any Alan Parsons Album
  • or to get really tricky Any Song from the "Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me" Soundtrack.
Well there you have have a week to think about it.

Enjoy the puzzle. And don't forget anytime you have 3 songs you wish to submit for the contest just click here.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My 3 Songs 05/25/05

Okay I had a hard time figuring this one out.

I'm still not sure what songs I'll play.
But here are the choices:
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door - Warren Zevon
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door - Guns -n- Roses
  • Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
  • Blowin' In The Wind - Peter Paul & Mary
  • All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
  • Mighty Quinn - Manfred Mann
  • Like a Rolling Stone - The Rolling Stones (yes they covered this live)
  • Turtles - It Ain't Me Babe
  • And Anything By Bob Dylan
Yep all Bob Dylan Songs

Bob Turned 64 yesterday and since I think he is one of the greatest songwriters alive I feel I can pay tribute.

He is a master of language and can confuse and clarify in the same sentence.

I just got through reading his autobiography "Chronicles Vol. 1"
And well, what can I say but you don't know what he was about unless you ask him

So here's to you Mr. Dylan
Thanks for making it great.

Tour Dates Below
May-July 2005 The Bob Dylan Show
featuring Bob Dylan and his band,
Willie Nelson and Family,
and The Greencards

25 May Wed Ft. Myers FL William H. Hammond Stadium
26 May Thu Ft. Lauderdale FL Ft. Lauderdale Stadium
28 May Sat Kissimmee FL Osceola County Stadium
29 May Sun Clearwater FL Bright House Network Field
30 May Mon Jacksonville FL Metropolitan Park
01 Jun Wed Chattanooga TN BellSouth Park
03 Jun Fri Myrtle Beach SC Coastal Federal Field
04 Jun Sat Savannah GA Grayson Stadium
05 Jun Sun Birmingham AL Hoover Metropolitan Stadium
07 Jun Tue Greenville SC Greenville Municipal Stadium
10 Jun Fri Salem VA Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium
11 Jun Sat Greensboro NC First Horizon Park
12 Jun Sun Zebulon NC Five County Stadium
14 Jun Tue Bowie MD Prince George's Stadium
15 Jun Wed Lakewood NJ FirstEnergy Park
16 Jun Thu Camden NJ Campbell's Field
19 Jun Sun Lancaster PA Clipper Magazine Stadium
21 Jun Tue Norwich CT Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium
23 Jun Thu Pittsfield MA Wahconah Park
24 Jun Fri Little Falls NJ Yogi Berra Stadium
26 Jun Sun Eastlake OH Classic Park
28 Jun Tue Nashville TN Herschel Greer Stadium
29 Jun Wed Louisville KY Louisville Slugger Field
01 Jul Fri Memphis TN AutoZone Park
02 Jul Sat Little Rock AR Ray Winder Field
04 Jul Mon Ft. Worth TX Willie Nelson Picnic Ft. Worth Stockyards
06 Jul Wed Tulsa OK Drillers Stadium
08 Jul Fri Sauget IL GMC Stadium
09 Jul Sat Cedar Rapids IA Veterans Memorial Stadium
10 Jul Sun Schaumburg IL Alexian Field
12 Jul Tue St. Paul MN Midway Stadium

Bob Dylan and his Band
(no opening act)

17 Jul Sun Victoria BC Save-On Foods Centre
19 Jul Tue Vancouver BC The Orpheum
20 Jul Wed Vancouver BC The Orpheum
22 Jul Fri Kelowna BC Prospera Place
24 Jul Sun Calgary AB Pengrowth Saddledome

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Sci Fi and guinea pigs.

So it's another monday.

I got to clean out the guinea pig cage again today. What a mess...Maybe during the summer I should look into letting them stay in hutches outside like rabbits. I hear that's okay...but I'd have to get hutches. We'll see.

But that wouldn't solve the same problem in the winter.

so i guess it's just learn to deal with it.

You know what? I still haven't seen Star Wars Episode III.

What does that have to do with guinea pigs? NOTHING. But I that's just the way my mind works.

I think what I really want to do is get all 6 on dvd and watch all from episode I to episode VI
I really don't care about the big screen thing and all. I know there are those folks out there that say it's not the same unless it's on the big screen. But Star Wars was never my thing. I like it but I'm not a fanatic.

I want all the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy books on that I'll be a fanatic over.

I also really like the Dr. Who series... mainly the 4th doctor Tom Baker I believe...the one with the hat and long scarf...he was funny. So for those of you that didn't recognize the graphic at the top of this entry it is the tardis control panel.

Okay so i like Sci-Fi.

As a matter of fact I'm in the middle of reading all of Isaac Asimov's robot/empire/foundation books. Great books. It's weird he wrote these all out of order but they maintain a timeline link.
I'm reading them in an odd order as well. You could read them in order of the time line from Robots to the Foundation series. And that's kinda what I'm doing. But I started with the combo book I, Robot / Foundation. Well this was an interesting place to start with I, Robot the robot series was beginning. The struggles of mankind creating and getting used to the ideas of robots along with the 3 laws of robotics:

  1. Robots must never harm human beings or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. Robots must follow instructions from humans without violating rule 1.
  3. Robots must protect themselves without violating the other rules.
So that is the beginnning of robots...the really neat things about these books is not necessarily sci-fi about robots but the mystery of how they interact using the 3 laws. The robots book I've read are:
  • The Complete Robot (1982) (contains I, Robot & The Rest of the Robots)
  • I, Robot (1950)
  • The Rest of the Robots (1964)
  • Nemesis (1989) Not really a robot book but within the timeline.

As the robots are created to be more and more human like the books move into the Empire series...I haven't got there yet.

Now jumping ahead the Galactic Empire is crumbling and Hari Seldon is creating Psychohistory to "predict" the future of mankind. Psychohistory is mathematics gone further. So to prevent the fall of mankind Hari creates the foundation. Now I've read
  • Prelude to Foundation (1988)
  • "Foundation's Fear" Gregory Benford
  • Forward the Foundation (1993)
  • Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear
  • Foundation (1951)
  • Foundation and Empire (1952)
  • Second Foundation (1953)
As you can see some other authors created some more foundation books...right now I'm reading Foundation's Triumph by David Brin these other Authors are writing stories about Hari Seldon and the creation of the foundation. After I read this book the next will be one of the robot books.
The Caves of Steel...then after that back to foundation series with Foundation's Edge. So back and forth I go reading Isaac Asimov. That man could write.

So what are you reading?

btw, I started reading Asimov after I read all, and I mean ALL the books By Stephen King...He needs to write more. :)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My 3 Songs 05/18/05

Okay are you ready for your weekly freebie?

Yeah, I'm giving away the answer for free.

Here are the 3 songs:
  1. Change The World - Eric Clapton
  2. Broken - Seether featuring Amy Lee
  3. Grease - Frankie Valli
Now the giveaway should be the last song. In fact that is the only reason why I use it. Otherwise I would maybe play All Night Long by Joe Walsh but I have to make it easy for some.

Give Up?

All songs from John Travolta movies.
  1. Change The World - Eric Clapton - Phenomenon
  2. Broken - Seether featuring Amy Lee - Punisher
  3. Grease - Frankie Valli - (uhh, duh) Grease.
All Night Long was from Urban Cowboy.

btw, the first 2 are among my favorite John Travolta movies.

Here is the list (in no real order)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Get Shorty
  • Phenomenon
  • Punisher
  • Battlefield Earth (yes I will say I liked that film, sure it had some script problems but Forrest Whitaker and John Travolta were awesome aliens)
Well tune in tonight to win that pizza, now that you know the answer.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Not much today

I just thought this was a funny picture. German Pope must have his own communion.

I don't have much to write about today.

It is Tuesday and Spammers have made it so I had to get rid of my guestbook on the website.

Tomorrow I'll have a new "My 3 Songs" if I can come up with a good idea.

I do have 33 Auctions up on eBay, click on the button below to check it out.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My 3 songs for 05/11/05

Okay here are the songs

  1. Rock This Town - Stray Cats
  2. Don Cha - The Pussycat Dolls
  3. Peace Train - Cat Stevens
All cats...yep.

Okay it's easy when you just read see on the contest I don't announce the songs or artists until after all 3 have played.

You could win a free pizza if you call in tonight with the answer... somewhere around 7:30 pm is when the contest starts.

Remember these basic rules:
  • Must be able to hear the station.
  • Win only once every 30 days
  • Can't call in until the first note of the 3rd song.
Got it?

Don't forget you can click on the My 3 Songs graphic above and submit your ideas for My 3 Songs. Who knows, if I use your idea I might just give you a pizza also.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Direct-to-brain Broadcasting?

Sony has developed and patented a new technology for transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain. According to an article in the New Scientist journal, the non-invasive technique involves a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify synaptic firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating "sensory experiences" ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds.

Sony first submitted a patent application for the ultrasound method in 2000, which was granted in March 2003. Since then Sony has filed a series of continuations, most recently in December 2004. Sony describes the research as speculative.

Okay I ask is this good or bad?

As long as we can channel surf I guess it'll be okay.

Can you imagine what the new porn channels will feature?

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Runaway Bride

Okay, I am really peeved right now.
What the hell is up with all this coverage of the "Runaway Bride"
I mean really isn't there any news to cover? Don't we have people dying in Iraq or something?

I understand when she was "missing" the coverage was great to track down a missing person. For once the media did a great job and wow, all involved found her.

But at first CNN and Fox news were treating this as though it were the next "Scott Peterson" story. I mean come on...let the police jump to conclusions... not the media. I thought the media's job was to report not influence or find guilty until proven innocent.

Then once she was "found" the media still covers this as a "Runaway Bride with cold feet" story. I mean jeez leave those folks alone. She had some fears and couldn't cope and left, well she's back home trying to deal with those fears appropriately. My recommendation to all media, in regards to this story:

But see now the problem will be let's go back to the Michael Jackson trial.
There's another problem I have....WHO THE HELL CARES about celebrities.
They entertain, they perform art job done end of story. Leave them alone.
Paparazzi have got to be the purest form of evil known. I mean really, these folks force stories on us about Celebs and provide the idiotic pictures to go with them. Not only that but they hound the celebs in the process taking away any chance of privacy.

As for the Michael Jackson circus, er..I mean trial, well let the legal system do it's job.
When he's found guilty report that. No one really cares what color the prince of pop wore on his jacket during day 3 of the trial.

20 years ago we would not be seeing this trial drawn out like it is now with all the 24 hour cable networks needing to fill in the full 24 hours. It makes you wonder do we really need 24 hour news? Look at what is served.

Oh wait, side note, 20 years ago Michael was still black and would have gotten a speedy trial...I'm not saying it would be fair or just.

Anyhow 24 hour news....not needed, but yes to a channel on stand by in case the revolution happens at midnight. Unfortunately in today's day and age it looks like Gil Scott Heron was wrong....THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED...but we won't get the story as it unfolds...they'll break for he next a celebrity trial or a runaway bride or what Paris Hilton is doing now.

Okay let's look at it this way:

If the media would have spent half as much time as they have on the "Runaway Bride" story on the "Precious Doe" unknown murdered 7 year old girl in Kansas City story. We would have had that case solved in less than the 4+ years it took.

Now by no means am I saying anything negative about the police departments working on Precious Doe, they worked their asses off and then some to find the murderer in this heinous crime.

All I'm saying is that the media could have spent that air time with pictures and running around the country interviewing every person who lived in the area until the pressure built to make someone to confess earlier.

Here is my final thought.
One in which the folks it's directed at will never get it.


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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mother's Day My 3 Songs

OOPS!!!! I forgot to list the songs the day of the contest.

Aww, so what, it was an easy one tonight.

The Songs were:
  1. Take Your Mama Out - Scissor Sisters
  2. Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osborne
  3. Mother - Pink Floyd
Easy, right? I figured since Mother's Day was coming up it would be a good one.

Hey if you have any suggestions for My 3 songs I've got a form you can fill out and submit your entry. Who knows maybe if I use your entry you could win something. Just Click Here.

And while we are on the subject of Mothers. Make sure you let your mom know she is special this Sunday. If no other day than just this one.

Trust me, it's worth it. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and she is missed a lot.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Wow a disney/touchstone movie that kept to the original. I'm surprised.

Yep the old Douglas Adams Science Fiction book is one of the best movies out there. I don't see how this movie could be done until now. The special effects were awesome.

Really, how do you create on-screen a planet that creates other planets, custom made-to-order. Yes I'm talking about the legendary planet of Magrathea. Where It is discovered to be the home of the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. Oh wait the answer as EVERYONE knows is "42." It's the question we/they are looking for. And the little white mice running the experiments on us...only with today's special movie effects could we give them that believability.

One other thing the on-screen representation of Deep Thought is freakin' awesome...I'll let you see it for yourself...I won't give that away.

The dialogue was the same Douglas Adams wit we've all come to love. There were some added scenes that I don't recall being in the book/tv series or radio series but fit right in the movie as if Douglas Adams wrote them himself. From what I understand he may have. Just before he died he was working with Disney on this project. So Like usual he probably wrote extra stuff for the movie.

The "Heart of Gold" Spaceship which runs on the infinite improbability drive was awesome...although to the non-hitchiker it could have used a little more explaining. But they left room for the sequal: "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe". So go out and watch this awesome movie.

Here's what to expect:

  • Great Science Fiction / Special Effects
  • A philosophy of the meaning of life
  • A Great laugh or thousand

so go out and enjoy.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Okay, well I said that I would write up something about Monical's Pizza.
First of all I would like to say. Most areas that have a local pizza joint will say they have the best.
And I will agree. I haven't really had a chain restaurant style pizza that I've really liked.

But before you yell at me. First realize that pizza is pizza and there is no bad pizza.

You can't say that about any other food.

Wait I take that back. In Tulsa, Ok, I've had a chain pizza that is good and that's Ken's Pizza. But I guess that's a local chain so it still fits in with my local idea. There is another but I haven't even heard of it since I was 10 years old and that's Shakey's Pizza. I don't think it is even still around.

So in Tulsa, there's Ken's Pizza. In Lawrenceville, IL and Vincennes, IN there's Bobe's Pizza (different stores same family), In Robinson, IL there's Monical's and Joe's (lucky to have 2 in town). In Kansas City, MO there's Pyramid pizza. In Liberty, MO there's a deep dish place called Ol' Chicago, I believe. In Olathe, KS there's the Pizza Man...great pizza and a great dessert called Kansas City Mud. Now for the best in the world in Carbondale, IL there is Quatro's Pizza. They are awesome... I always would order extra garlic and extra cheese. Oh man that brings back some memories of teasing my taste butds. Are there any others? Feel free to Comment on your own.

So you see...the chains fill that pizza need but for great quality there's the locals.

One of these days I'm heading to St. Louis and try that one I saw on the food channel where if you eat like this 5 lb. pizza it's yours free....I can't remember the name but it looked good.

So what do you have to say?

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