Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Three Songs

Okay tonight is another My 3 songs.

So what is tonight's contest? Or better yet what are the songs?

Well tonight I'm going to repeat a previous contest that was held late and no one got the answer.

You see sometimes there is a Chicago Cubs Baseball game and that makes so we have to have the contest late. Well it seems as though a lot of folks go to bed and the ones left awake could not unravel the conundrum of My 3 Songs for that night.

Okay here are the songs:
  1. Valley Girl - Frank Zappa
  2. Melt With You - Modern English
  3. Leaving Las Vegas - Sheryl Crow
So what do these songs have in common?

I will tell you in a moment.

First let's talk about this process.

The Prize:

A free small pizza from Larry Bobe's Pizza In Lawrenceville. Now let me tell you when it comes to great pizza we all know that the local restaurants are the best not the national chains. If you have never had a Bobe's Pizza, you need to make a trip to Lawrenceville or Vincennes. I prefer the Larry Bobe's in Lawrenceville, just something about their sauce and that sausage is awesome also. Now there is also Monical's pizza in Robinson they are great... they have a little spiciness to their sauce that I just love. But we're talking about Bobe's pizza. Maybe I'll do a blog entry on Saturday.

The Contest:

Simply, I play 3 songs, you tell me what they have in common and you win. Oh yeah, you have to be the first caller with the correct answer.
What do I mean by saying they have something in common? Well, maybe they are all from the same album, or all from the same artist, or all written by same writer, all feature the same vocalists or were all number 13 during the 13th week of each decade for the past 30 years. (that's a bit far fetched but if I wanted to think that hard well...look out.)

So what is the answer to tonight's contest?

Answer: Nicolas Cage

Valley Girl by Frank Zappa influenced the creation of the film by the same name.
Melt with You by Modern English is from the Valley Girl Soundtrack.
Nicolas Cage's career launching film - Valley Girl.

Leaving Las Vegas...from film of same name.
Nicolas Cage played lead and won the Oscar in 1995 for his role.

So, there you have it my 3 songs.

btw, we play right around 7:30 pm every Wednesday night. Unless there's a game then delayed until after the game.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Guinea Pigs

I have discovered one of the best pets for kids ever. Guinea Pigs.
Last November I got my son a Guinea Pig for his 4th birthday. Now I got this critter fully knowing that I would be the one to take care of it, and he just gets to pet it and enjoy the sheer joy of having the pet. That has got to change....he'd better start growing up, and fast...because these little poop and pee factories stink.

Don't get me wrong great pet still for kids...they are extremely gentle and they are cute and cuddly. Especially if you get the long hair guinea pigs like we have.

They are okay but all they do is eat, digest and excrete (at least to the adult that has to clean the cage).

By the way my big mistake was doing research on the internet about these guys (after I purchased one). Yeah, I found out they are social animals and require a friend in the cage. So, I had to go and buy a second one. What that means is 2 happy guinea pigs, one happy little boy, 2x the amount of waste products.

Okay their cage is clean for now. And we have fresh fertilizer applied to the neighbor's flower bed. Now time to take a shower.

Tomorrow I have to clean my 2 aquariums.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Okay here's my second entry.

Well it was one of those over taxing days.
It's hard to explain but, you know me, I'll definitely try.
Anyhow I ran the old split radio station. What this means in layman's (or rather those that decided to get a real job) terms is that I was running 2 stations with opposite programming at the same time.
Okay, now I controlled aircraft, and ran anti submarine warfare exercises at the same time while in the Navy. but listening 2 two stations at the same time and making sure that the commercials all run at the right time at the same time picking music to fit in exact time slots 10 - 12 minutes depending on number of commercials, that's extremely taxing on the brain.

my brain now needs rest.
it feels like i have a swarm of bees in my head...i hope they make honey...i could use a sugar boost.

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my first blog entry

Okay well here we go. I've always heard this is fun so I'll start.
What will you get out of this?
You never know.
Basically a day in the life of a DJ in the heart of America.

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