Thursday, June 23, 2005


Okay before we go any it's not the Lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Have you heard this girl? What a voice.

At WAKO we got the single "Be The Girl" And I gave it a listen. And Immediately was sold.

Not only does she have a great voice...but the lyrics even seemed to have a deeper non-pop music feel to them. And let me tell you it is so refreshing to hear a new female vocalist not singing about crap we don't care about.

Then I heard she was out touring with Gavin DeGraw and thought, "Now there's a great combination" But alas I'm here in the middle of the midwest where no touring artists visit.

Side note here:
All you musicians (only the good ones, like Gavin, Aslyn, Howie Day et. al.) you are missing a great piece of your audience. I mean really, right here where I play your music you have Vincennes University...and the midwesterners that would love to see you in person.

So if you haven't heard this phenom of can listen to my show on WAKO where I play her music every night. Also you can click below and buy the album Lemon Love:

Just wanting to pass along something great that you don't want to miss.

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