Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My 3 Songs 12/14/05

Well here we go again another My 3 songs.
This one was suggested by a listener and he got a free pizza for the great idea.
Here are the songs:

  1. My Generation - The Who
  2. Sussudio - Phil Collins
  3. Bad To the Bone - George Thorogood.
Would you like the answer? Okay, but first let me explain the smiley you see at the right. This is the Bon Jovi "Have a Nice Day" smily/smirk. It has absolutely nothing to do with tonight's contest, I just like the idea behind the smiley and the song just proves that Bon Jovi are still rocking. Plus, I dig a little sarcasm, okay a lot of sarcasm.

Okay now for the answer....the songs all have some sort of stuttering going on.
So stuttering is the answer.

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