Thursday, September 14, 2006


This Friday, ONE and EDUN will launch a special edition ONE T-shirt, made by local artisans in Lesotho -- one of the poorest nations in the world. The workers who produce these shirts can earn enough to provide for their entire family. In part, this factory, along with others just like it, is the result of a historic bi-partisan effort by the United States to help 37 African nations develop their industries and rise out of poverty.

But this amazing accomplishment is now in serious danger. If Congress doesn't act in the next few weeks, a critical provision of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) will expire -- jeopardizing tens of thousands of jobs and the future of the entire African clothing industry.

If we act quickly, we have the power to stop this. That's why today we're calling on Congress to renew this provision without delay. To really turn up the heat, we'll publish the name of ONE members who support this extension in a full page ad in Roll Call -- the Capitol Hill newspaper that every member of Congress reads.

Please add your name to ONE's full page ad in the Capitol Hill Newspaper, Roll Call.

AGOA is a win-win agreement where American businesses invest in developing African industry. In return, African industry provides American consumers with high-quality low-priced goods. It would be crazy for Congress to let this important provision expire.

Failing to renew it would be disastrous. As the Wall Street Journal put it, "The bottom line is that if the provision on using outside fabric dies, so will Africa's assembly industry, which is a particularly important source of jobs for women."

When it comes down to it, for these workers voices to be heard in American politics, they need your voice. And this is a moment when they simply cannot afford for any of us to remain silent. When you see the ONE T-shirt on Friday, you'll know you did your part to ensure apparel workers in Africa can keep right on working.

Please add your name to ONE's full page ad in the Capitol Hill Newspaper, Roll Call.

Thanks for your voice.

P.S. Learn more about AGOA and the provision that will expire if Congress doesn't act.

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