Monday, November 13, 2006

Borat movie review with some defense of Borat included.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Oh my gosh, my sides still hurt from watching this movie. At first when I sat down to write this review I was set to try and defend Sach Baron Cohen's choices. After all, he's getting sued by pretty much everyone that fell prey to this "mockumentary." When the folks realized it was a prank they said oops, but when revealing their true inner self when discussing their hatred toward homosexuals, foreigners and jews they were all ready and willing to discuss them openly.

With that said, I will simply review the movie and let you decide for yourself.

Basically the premise of this movie is that Borat, a journalist from Kazakhstan, sets out to learn what makes America a great country. The idea is that once he finds out he will bring this information back to Kazakhstan so they can be a great nation also.

So off he goes to New York. In New York he uses the flower garden of Trump Apartments as a toilet. Tries to kiss (an accepted form of greeting in Kazakhstan) folks on the subway. Offends a feminist group. (In Kazakhstan more than four women are not allowed to be toghether, unless it is a brothel or graveyard.) And falls in love with Pamela Anderson.

With Pamela in his heart he heads to California. Along the way he disrupts a local TV broadcast, learns to be a "homie," tells a group of rednecks his country supports this "war of terror," and finds out how real rednecks feel about homosexuals. He also learns what is the best gun to "kill a jew."

Let me tell you this is all hilarious in that folks fall for the prank and think he is for real. It really can show how we can be gullible and yet ready to reveal our innermost secrets to someone that seems harmless.

So let me once say in defense of the movie the following:
First of all Sacha Cohen is himself Jewish and is satirizing anti-semitism and actually bringing more attention to it.
The News person that scheduled "Borat" to be interviewed and is now sueing because she says she lost her job, it seems to me it was a good thing that a producer got fired for not researching a guest. I know in radio it is number 1 rule.
Finally, all those that got duped, why are you upset? Because your true nature got revealed? So?!?!?

I'm not sure where you are but my favorite theater is still showing Borat:

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