Sunday, December 17, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

I have created a group on Gather dedicated to Battlestar Galactica. I was going to cross post my entries here but I decided just to post my initial entry and steer you in the right direction for future posts...heck maybe some of you will join my group. below is a banner for the link.

Now here is my first post to the group:

Being a DJ and working nights I don't get to watch much prime time television. I do get to watch the great Fox lineup on Sundays, because I only work Monday through Saturday, but that has nothing to do with what I am about to write. Okay in the end it will, but you will just have to read through to the end to find out how.

At first the Sci-Fi network would repeat the Battlestar Galactica Series after 1 am (CST) and that would give me my chance to catch this really cool series. But they put a stop to that and I had to find other ways to watch the series. Without discussing how I was able to view them I want to now talk about Battlestar Galactica. After all I have just finished watching all the episodes from the mini-series to the last episode "Passage," and the Webisodes of "The Resistance" found on the Sci-Fi Network. That's 55 individual episodes. It took me some time but only being able to catch some episodes every once in a while, I had some catching up to do.

One of the things I think that make this show believable is the casting of Edward James Olmos as Commander Adama, now Admiral Adama. His acting is just phenomenal. Never has a TV series made me laugh out loud, hang on the edge of my chair or get that lump of sadness in my throat. It's amazing and most of it I would say is because of Mr. Olmos.

Another thing about the series is its ability to "mimic" our world. Okay, you can have your basics of all the ships follow closely to U.S. Navy protocol. (Being a former Navy man, I can really appreciate this.) From the numbering of bulkheads and compartments on the ships to the battle tactics used, some writer/researcher on this show had to be former Navy. The other aspect of mimicry is in the way they treat the war between humans and Cylons. Many times I've seen the Humans or Cylons use tactics that are being used in today's war in Iraq, such as the use of suicide bombers in the resistance movement to defeat the Cylons. Very Interesting.

If I could say one thing about Battlestar Galactic it would be this: I hope they never reach Earth. If they do reach Earth that would probably be the end of the series, and I don't want that...I don't watch much TV, but this I make an effort to watch.

So what does this have to do with Sundays? I heard rumor that Sci-Fi network may be moving the show to Sundays...I think I would be willing to give up Simpsons for this show.

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