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Unwound by Jonathan Baine

Jonathan Baine is the Pseudonym for independent filmmaker Gorman Bechard, who has written and directed such films as: You Are Alone (2005), Objects in the Mirror Are Further Than They Appear (2003), The Kiss (2003), The Pretty Girl (2002), In Her Eyes (2002), Cemetery High (1989). Most of the subject matter in these films deals with young girls as prostitutes (except for Cemetery High which is a slasher b-movie). He carries the prostitute theme into this book. However this book has more twists and turns in the story that it shows he is not a one-trick pony.

Unwound is about author, Peter Robertson, whose first book "Angel" has made him rich. "Angel" is about a teenage prostitute and her struggles. The book became a bestseller and gave Peter a very comfortable living for him and his family, but at what cost? In writing the book Peter did some in depth research, as the cover says, "You couldn't make up a girl like Angel..." He based the book on a girl named Lucinda, after paying for her time to talk and find his story. The problem is, her pimp Raoul, didn't want his girls to just talk.

Now that the original book has been released, Peter sets out to write the sequal. Finally putting "Angel" to rest, so he can move on in life, but "Angel" has a cult following. Especially in the guise of one girl, named Dina. Dina seeks out the author to "touch" the man that wrote the book about her life. So, at first this seems like another one of those "I'm your greatest fan/stalker" books.

As Peter writes the sequel the people he used to research the original book are being murdered, and Dina is threatening Peter's happy life with his wife and daughter. It seems Dina is seeking revenge for Angel, but whose revenge is she really seeking. I was tempted to put this down after the first couple of chapters because I felt that Stephen King had written the Ultimate greatest fan book in "Misery," and anything else would pale in comparison. I kept reading though, mainly because the action/suspense in the writing kept me going. Let me tell you I'm glad I kept reading. The book is full of unexpected twists. In fact I was surprised at the ending of the book. I was guessing how it was going to end but never would have guessed the actual ending.

The back cover of the book reads as follows:

Peter Robertson's novel Angel made him the most famous author in the world. Chronicling the sordid world of a teenage prostitute, it was the biggest bestseller of the year. It broke conventions. And it inspired a fanatical cult following. Angel has made Peter Robertson rich, admired...and scared. There on the edge of the crowd he always sees her. She not only looks like Angel - she embodies the desperate creature he created. Everywhere Peter goes, she goes, obsessed with everything about him: his fame, his marriage, his life. What could she possibly want? Soon, curiousity will get the better of him. So will the girl with the haunted eyes..because what she's really after is something that will explode Peter's world.

This was enough to pique my curiosity. But this only describes the first 10% of the book. The unexpected twists will keep you reeling and on the edge of your seat for the rest of the book. Trust me, you won't expect the end.

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