Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Review & Free Book "Haunted Independence" by Paranormal Researcher Margie Kay

It's time now to sit back with a cup of warm milk and tell some ghost stories. Normally I would pair a book up with some coffee or something but I think warm milk or if you need a comfort drink make it hot chocolate with marshmallows, because I think the high caffeine may make you a little more jittery than what you need reading this book.

Margie Kay is a psychic, paranormal researcher, radio talk show host and chimney sweep. With all that wrapped into one she's got some interesting stories to tell. In this book she tells some haunting tales from her hometown of Independence, Missouri.

She has put together some stories of such hauntings as the famous 1859 Jail in Independence (now a tourist site, but once held notorious outlaw, Frank James), Mound Grove Cemetery, Old Independence Library Building (where you may see the "lady in red") and more. One thing I will warn you be prepared for a few chills up your spine. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Margie Kay tells the facts of what her research has put together about a city just within theKansas City Metro that has lots of documented sightings.

The neat thing about this book is that it is very personal and are experiences she has witnessed herself. Some of these stories sent some chills up my spine. Also I found that reading them alone at night in a radio station that has been in the same building for 50 years I got creeped out by some of the stories. So you may want to leave some lights on and try not to be alone.

Her book also provides some helpful hints, just in case you want to see your own ghosts. Such as how to be in the right frame of mind and some tools of the trade.

You can purchase this book from her website: http://www.ufokc.4mg.com/.

Or you can enter your comment here for the drawing for this book. I'm passing on my copy to a lucky winner/commenter. Let me get the legal part out of the way: This is my doing only and has nothing to do with Margie Kay or her publisher, I just felt that I would pass it along to someone who wanted it.

If you want the book just let me know in the comment you leave. Then after about 2 weeks (since it's holiday time and everyone is running around I'll give it some extra time) I'll contact the winner from a random drawing of names.

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