Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Big Ideas for a Small Planet" new series on Sundance Channel

Tuesday nights are going to get greener starting in May on the Sundance Channel. May 6th the Sundance Channel launches it's new series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet." This series not only points out the problems with sustainability, global warming and related topics it also proposes solutions and the solutions are pretty simple. Oh, yes and for big business, also profitable. And to top it all off not only do they propose solutions the series focuses on companies that are actually taking steps in promoting sustainability and making profit.

Episode one will cover Fashion. The episode talks about how we live in a throw away society and how that fills landfills and doesn't just go away. The fashion and clothing industry is guilty of this by creating fashions that go out of style before they even hit the market. This episod focuses on a company that creates fashion that not only looks good for the long run but uses recycled materials and organic cotton to create the really nice looking clothing. They don't stop there the company ,called "Nau" (pronounced "now"), also have storefronts that keep minimum inventory and employees so store heating/coolin/lighting aren't factors and the massive shipping to stores is kept to a minimum by delivery to customers.

One of the things I was surprised to learn is the aspect of organic cotton. I had assumed (wrongly) that cotton is natural fibers and therein was organic. But the cotton industry must spray pesticides, use massive machinery to harvest, then the cleaning and bleaching process has many chemicals. Organic cotton uses none of these and reuses its water waste in the treatment of cotton.

All this and more in just one 30 minute episode. The series promises to be a great source of information and success stories. I've only seen the first 4 episodes and let me tell you in those 4 episodes I learned a lot about environmental issues and the best part is I saw hope for the future. I saw companies and individuals taking positive steps in cleaning and maintaining mother Earth.

In one episode on recycling they spotlight the "Dump" in Sonoma Valley, California. This is not your average dump. They recycle metals, glass and plastic. The "organic" waste goes into a compost from which area landscapers and gardeners come and collect because of the rich fertility. They have their own garden, using their own compost, in which all the employees benefit from. They have a reusables in which items are sold that are still useable but have been tossed out. And to top it off the garbage that does get put into the "dump" isn't a total waste. They pump the methane gas produced by the garbage and generate electricity. Profit.

So as you can see this series not only shows the problem but offers WORKING solutions.

Definitely a must see for all Tuesdays @ 9pm Eastern and Pacific on the Sundance Channel.

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