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"The Demon Spirit - Part 1" The Demon Wars Saga" by R. A. Salvatore

"The Demon Spirit - Part 1"
The Demon Wars Saga"
by R. A. Salvatore
Multicast production
Produced by Graphic Audio
Approx 5 hours.

R.A. Salvatore created a phenom in the Demon Wars Saga, spanning seven books and a role playing game. This saga of high fantasy in the Land of Corona is one of action and adventure equal to that of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy by Tolkien. In the first book, which Graphic Audio produced in audio form in three parts, the listener was introduced to the Heroes; Elbryan the Ranger, Jilesponie the warrior and wizard in training, Avelyn Desbris the Wizard Monk, Bradwarden the Centaur and Juravial the elf. The all went to battle the Demon Dactyl which had awakened and sent it's armies of dwarves/powries, goblins and giants into the Land of Corona to clear the way for the Demon to take command. Avelyn and Bradwarden and many humans lost their lives in destroying the Demon Dactyl and Elbryan and Pony returned to the humans in hopes the evil was gone.

Graphic Audio once again will knock you out of your socks with their superb audio production of this audio book. From the swords clanging to giant's skulls being bashed in to the screams of goblin agonies, Graphic Audio makes all the moments of battle or peace in this audio book seem as if they were recorded live and on the spot, placing you in the center of the action.

"The Demon Spirit - Part 1" tells the story of how after destroying the Demon Dactyl, Elbryan and Pony set off to return to their homeland hoping that the end of the Dactyl means the end of evil on the land. This is not the case, instead the armies of the Dactyl are now scattered throughout the land of Corona with no leader. The armies, giants and dwarves are wreaking havoc on the land. Elbryan and Pony meet up with Juraviel the elf and he tells them of how the Dactyl may have ruined the lands of the elves forever and that the humans could lose the battles with the leftover armies of the Dactyl. They then team up and decide to rid the land of the Demon Spirit left behind.

In the meantime the monks of St.-Mere-Abelle still believe that Avelyn Desbris has become in legion with the Dactyl and the monks set out to destroy Avelyn not knowing that he was the hero who destroyed the Dactyl. The monks head to the Barbicon and Mount Aida to recover the magic gemstones Avelyn stole from the monestary and to destroy Avelyn. When they arrive at the Barbicon a different story is told in the destruction that is found. But it seems the Demon Spirit has infiltrated the monks and maybe they don't want the truth to be know.

Great Production, Great acting and most of all a great story make this yet another Graphic Audio Production to seek out and enjoy.

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