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"Wigfield: The Can Do Town That Just May Not" By Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello & Stephen Colbert

"Wigfield: The Can Do Town That Just May Not"
By Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello & Stephen Colbert
Read by the Authors
Produced by Highbridge Audio
4 hours 47 minutes

An out of work highway line painter, Russell Hokes, decides that he already knows how to draw lines, why not add curves to those lines and form words and become a writer. After a shady meeting with the editors at Hyperion books Hokes decides to tell the story of disappearing small town America. He receives a large sum for an advance on the book and gets prepared to write that book.

After blowing all the money on the beaches of Mexico and annoying calls from the publisher, Russell Hokes lets panic set in and tries to find small town America and find out why it's dissappearing. That's when his car breaks down outside the small town, or squatter village, of Wigfield. Here is the small town he's been looking for. Wigfield is a small town, sorta, that consists mainly of strip clubs and used auto parts stores. It seems Wigfield is on the brink of destruction, due to the local Congressional representative wanting to destroy a dam and unleash the waters to flood out. Wigfield. Okay actually the people are really only squatters that found out the dam was going to be destroyed and settled there hoping to get relocation money from the government.

Russell Hokes wants to save this town and writes his book using the towns characters/citizens to tell their story. Wigfield has it's resident arsonist/maniac/chief of police. Three mayors (due to a mysterious fire at the fire station / polling place on election night) who all vie for control except one who really likes his fudge, a coven of 2 lesbian witches, a strange taxidermist/mortuary manager, 2 women in their late 40s who both claim to be the oldest living resident of Wigfield, numerous strippers and a "Doctor" who practices medicine out of his van (mainly performing enhancements for the strippers.)

The best part of the audiobook is that you get to hear the extreme acting and vocal talents of the authors portraying all the citizens. Stephen Colbert plays the part of Russell Hokes and several other characters. Amy Sedaris' and Paul Dinello's characterizations are just too hilarious.

This entire book including the explosive conclusion is one that will have you laughing out loud.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I Am America...and So Can You" by Stephen Colbert (Grand Central Publishing 2007)

In the world of political and current events humor nothing has ever been better than the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. That show launched the career of Steve Carell and has featured other alum such Lewis Black, David & Amy Sedaris and lots more. But most importantly the spin-off "The Colbert Report" starring Stephen Colbert. In a style that "emulates" Bill O'Reilly, Stephen Colbert makes politics fun again.

On the "Report" Colbert proceeds to prove to America he is right. But in a way that pokes fun and at the same time giving the audience something to think about. This book takes that spin and creates a gyroscope of huge fun that if you're not careful you may end up laughing out loud and maybe realize you are laughing at yourself.

Colbert has strong feelings and opinions on many topics and expresses them throughout this book. I should warn you just when the opinion starts to make a little sense Colbert rips with the absurdity and leaves you with your sides aching with laughter. Some of the topics covered in the book are; Homosexuality, Religion, Immigration, The Family, Old People, Sports and more.

An example of some of the absurdity would be when talking about family Colbert has this to say:
"Besides, it doesn't matter how my parents raised me, because I loved my parents. It's in the Bible: 'Honor thy Mother and thy Father,' right after the part about stoning gays. Sure, they could be a little 'strict', but I often think back fondly on the memories I haven't repressed. The truth is, I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for the way my parents raised me. And I love the man I am today -- which means I love the way my parents raised me. You can't spell parentry without 'try'."

Of course he also says:
"You can't spell emotional abuse without bus, that's why I don't take public transportation"

You gotta first realize that this is all in fun and the point is to hit you with absurdities until milk comes out your nose, or whatever you are drinking. If you are not drinking milk and it comes out your nose while reading this book, may want to see a doctor. But coming from a man that claims "baby carrots are making me gay," just prepare for anything.

Trust me you'll get a great laugh out of this book. Of all the people in the world that think they have it right, Stephen Colbert joins them in a farcical manner and allows us to laugh at ourselves.

The video below is not great in video quality but funny. Stephen Colbert reading from his book.

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