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All my friends.

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Me and Michael Winslow

You know, the guy with all the sound effects.

(From Police Academy, Nice Dreams etc.)

The Dream Weaver

Scott Johnson (KCFX), TJ Price (KCFX), Gary Wright (The Dreamweaver), Clayton Moore (KCFX), ME

Pauly Shore and me

Just 2 buds hanging

Tommy Chong

Gil T. And Chong (that has a nice ring to it)

Harland Williams

Rocket Man, Something About Mary, et. al.


The Real one not his brother....I guess he's real but..oh you know what I mean.

Bobcat Goldthwaite

sorry for the blur

Me and Rhonda

Rhonda Shearer You know from "USA's UP all night"

The Catwoman

That's right that is Julie Newmar (the only Catwoman in my book)


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