Saturday, June 25, 2005

Howie Day

Alright, when I first heard Howie, I heard the song, Perfect Time of Day. I immediately thought, "Hey who is Bono singing with?" But then we got the single @ WAKO and I said who is this Howie Day feller, he is awesome. Well I looked in our back catalog of music and found the song "Ghost" and then wondered how I missed that one. Immediately I began playing those two songs on air in a heavy rotation. And now he's taking the world by storm with another great song: "Collide." Let me tell you this is one guy you don't want to miss.

Yes at first he sounded to me a little like Bono from U2, but then you listen to the other songs and he is very unique. Very good music...Great Lyrics and a Great Voice. Something different. None of this typical growl that has been perfected by Eddie Vedder in which all musicians are doing. A voice that sounds trained. Besides that he's from the part of the US which bred Stephen King. Ayuh, Howie's from Bangor, Maine.

He tackles the subjects of Love, Loss, and Regret but in a poetic way...not pop. And you know how much I hate pop.

I haven't done the research yet but musically, I'm talking instruments not words now, his music has depth, so I'm thinking he uses some sorts of orchestral backing.

Check him out on tour, I hear he's great live, but alas, doesn't come close to small town midwest for me to see.

Also you can click below and buy one of his albums. You can even hear his cover of the Beatles' "Help" on the I Am Sam Soundtrack

These are must haves in your collection.

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