Thursday, January 04, 2007

Battlestar Galactica 1978 series revisited.

In the hiatus of the holiday season, there are no new episodes of Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi until January 21st which will be moved to the new day & time 10pm (9CST) on Sundays. This new time may cut into some of my Adult Swim viewing time..but lately adult swim has gotten lame.

Anyway, during this time I decided to re-visit the Classic 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series. While It was a bit campy at times the series did have it's merits. I'm writing this just to point out some interesting tidbits. after the 1978 series I will watch the 1980 brief series in which they found Earth.

Many of the political views of the time are hidden away in the episodes. For example, during the year 1978 the world was still going through the "Cold War" In which Communists were thought to hate us simply because we had freedom. Well same goes with the Cylons. They hate humans simply because we have free will and are not pre-programmed.

An Interesting thing about the classic series is that the Cylons were said to have been created by a race of reptilians (the original Cylons) but the reptiles died out and the programmed assassins of the Cylons are now called by their maker's names. In the new "re-imagined" series humans created Cylons and the Cylons evolved and rebelled.

Some fun stars to watch for if you also go and re-visit the classic series are: Rick Springfield, he plays Zack Adama, son of Captain Adama and brother of Apollo and Athena, Ed Begley Jr. as Green bean, Jane Seymor as Serina, Loyd Bridges as Admiral Cain, Patrick Macnee (yep from the Avengers), Jonathan Harris (yep, Dr. Smith from Lost in Space), Fred Astaire as Starbuck's father (yes the dancer), and of course Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch and Lorne Greene.

It's odd how in the classic series Captain Adama had a living son AND daughter. The daughter, Athena, is brought back in a sense in the re-imagined series as the 2nd Cylon Sharon taking on the name. The Cylon Athena is married to Helo (human) and their daughter is half human - half cylon and so far is in the possession of the Cylons.

Well I need to stop writing and start watching the next episode ("Lost Planet of the Gods").

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