Sunday, March 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season Finale

First a brief synopsis of the final episode, then some random thoughts.

WARNING!! spoilers exist, do not continue if you don't want to know.

President Roslyn, continues to have Kamallah induced hallucinations, this time she shares the hallucination with the ships 2 "known" cylons. The hallucinations reveal nothing except to protect the half human/half cylon baby Hera.

The trial of Gaius Baltar continues, the attorneys, Lee Adama and Romo Lampkin discuss the possibilities of motioning for a mistrial. Baltar wants the trial not a mistrial. During the proceedings Lampkin motions for a mistrial and calls Lee Adama to the stand. Adama gives a great speech as to how everyone has committed crimes and have been forgiven. That the trial is basically just a farce searching for a scapegoat to send out the guilt. Gaius is found not guilty.

Commander Tigh, Chief Tyrol, The president's assistant, and Starbuck's husband Sam Anders are all hearing the mysterious music. Then when the fleet makes the final jump to the nebula, all ships in the fleet lose power at the same time these four are drawn to the music...which turns out to be a modern version of the Bob Dylan Tune "All Along the Watchtower." They each are quoting the opening lyrics from the song as they are drawn to a central point. All four enter a room and realize they are cylons.

The cylons make an appearance just as the fleet regains all power and the vipers are scrambled. Preparing for battle Lee Adama puts on his flight suit and takes a viper. He then sees an unknown bogey and persues only to find.....Starbuck!!!!

Starbuck says it's really her and that she's been to Earth and will lead them there.

So now we have to wait an entire year. Talk about frustrating. Holy cow what a cliffhanger.

SCI FI has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a full fourth
season, commissioning 22 hour-long episodes of "the best show on
television." This will include a special two-hour extended event that
will air during fourth quarter 2007 and be released on DVD by Universal
Studios Home Entertainment. Production will resume in May with an eye
toward a early 2008 season premiere.

Now for the random thoughts. I don't think the 4 that gathered are cylons. I believe it may be more "spiritual." I believe also that there may have been more happend to those 4 on New Caprica than they remember.

As for Starbuck....oooh...she may be a cylon...what do you think?

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