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George of the Jungle: A cartoon for the ages

I remember sitting back with my bowl of Freakies cereal on weekday afternoons as soon as I got home from school and watching a full day (okay yes it was just the afternoon but it seemed like all day as a kid) of great cartoons. One of my favorites was George of the Jungle. I mean c'mon who couldn't resist singing along: "George, George, George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree. Aaa Ahhh Aaagh!" I remember vaguely when it was on Saturday mornings, but in the 70s it was in syndication and I got to see it after school, and yes my afternoon snack was cereal.

George of the Jungle was one of the many great cartoons produced by Jay Ward, and Bill Scott, the same people responsible for Rocky & Bullwinkle, Tom Slick and Super Chicken. George was a brainless (but not short on heart) Tarzan parody that was always there to save his fellow jungle inhabitants. Okay it was usually Ape (the ape named Ape) that did the brain work, but it took George's face into several trees to finally save the day. I always laughed when George would call is girlfriend, Ursula, Fella.

Now jump to 2008 and some good things are going to happen.

First, the full series will be released on DVD. That's reason enough to celebrate, but wait there's more. Cartoon network is relaunching the cartoon. George of the Jungle, a brand new show is launching on Cartoon Network January 18 at 7:30pm (ET/PT). George of the Jungle is full of monkey business and features a fun, big-hearted hero you already know and love. Catch a new episode every Friday at 7:30p (E/P) on Cartoon Network. Also you can swing by the official website where you can learn about the show, meet George's Jungle family, watch videos, get free downloads and play a game.

Of course, they are modernizing it a bit and the animation is different but c'mon, I can sit down with my son and we can imitate the Tookie Tookie bird together. Ooh ohh ah ah, tookie, tookie!!! Sorry honey, your boys are just watching George. I think Jay Ward and Bill Scott would be proud. Oh the theme song is similar but a bit of a rap beat thrown in. Check out the website for more info.

Check out this video for a sneak peak:

George Of The Jungle Tune In

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I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime let me know your George of the Jungle Memories. Any of you remember the movie starring Brendan Frasier?

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