Thursday, January 04, 2007

Joystick bloopers? and Dirk Benedict's clothes, Battlestar Galactica '78

As I said in a previous post, I've been watching the original Battlestar Galactica series due to no new episodes on Sci-Fi. Oh my gawd, it is campy. But there are some good possibilities that were just ruined by '70s American Television.

First of all there's the character of Starbuck, portrayed by Dirk Benedict, (who later was "the Face-Man" on the A-Team). Starbuck is like the Galactica's answer to the Enterprise's Captain Kirk. Not in the command seat but in the swinging singles scene. On every episode he seems to always get to kiss the girl and on some episodes he gets 2 or more. Also he seems to always be changing clothes. (His locker onboard the Galactica must be full of varied fashions.) It seems every episode someone has to adopt the local fashion and it always involves Starbuck. So, with Starbuck you've got the cigar smoking, lady-schmoozing, always ready to gamble bad boy.

Another thing with this original series is that they land on planets more often than the "re-imagined" series currently running on Sci-Fi, and these planets have lifeforms other than human. Some of the aliens are pretty cheesy, like the fly-people that run the casino. But at least it's something different.

This next paragraph I need an answer for. I know that for the original series they had to re-use filmed scenes to keep the special effects budget down, but it seems as though one of the re-used scenes is a constant blooper. Sometimes when showing the viper pilots fire the weapons or use the turbo on the joystick, instead of the normal "Fire/Turbo/IM" labels, it says "Stores/Camera Audio/Camera Pulse," anyone know why this is?

Well That's my update...or ramble or whatever. Thanks.

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